Family Portrait




​​​Welcome to the Family portrait Studio based in the Omni Park Shopping Centre in Santry. Our business has been based at this location for 14 years and the owners are fully qualified and experienced in all areas of professional photography.   We hope you enjoy viewing our galleries and please feel free to contact us to discuss your photographic needs.​

There are various times in our lives, marked by celebration, and incomparable happiness, and excitement. They can be a first time modelling portfolio, or the binding of two people, in a commitment ceremony.
Not content with merely producing pictures that bear some semblance to the day, we seek out different perspectives, and ensure that the final images will transport, not only you, but anyone who sees them, to the day when it all happened.
Our photographs are full expressions of what you feel, about what you are doing, and what is occurring, in the deepest sense. It is a true view of what you,your baby feels about life in its entirety, in that one moment. We can help you to keep these moments safe, in a way that it would be a joy to both see them, and remember them, again.

Our services range to include portraits, photo books and albums, slide shows, calendars and many more. We can also produce wedding cards, invitations, birthday and communion/christening banners. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a wide variety of services at very competitive prices - give us a call, and we’ll do our utmost to facilitate your requests.

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